laptop I started to make a crypto portfolio management application from scratch. Not because there are not enough services already, there are a lot of them actually. But none of them can make me 100% satisfied: there always seems to be something missing. After being waiting and thinking about it for two years, I have decided this is the time to make one of my own. Hopefully more people can find it useful.

Another “minor” reason for it is that I want to build a web service from scratch using Scala and React, but let’s skip that for now :P

Who is this service for?

People who is not professional trader, but quite active in trading compares to average users. Typically there is about 2 to 5 transactions per month. Most of the trades are just buy and hodl. For example, buy Bitcoin and hodl it for longer than 2 years. They would like to pay monthly instead of yearly.

Simple ROI?

Both Delta and Cryptocompare portfolio couldn’t get my total fiat ROI right. I am not sure why. But the plan is just to treat all exchanges and wallets as one blackbox, counts the fiat that went in and how much all the crypto worth at the moment. And probably you should be able to get the ROI for a certain time period.

Tracking ICOs

Some portfolio services support monitoring crypto wallets, but I haven’t found any service that can figure out if a transaction is ICOs or not yet. So what you see in the transactions is that some coins, usually ETH, disappeared and after fews days some other coins show up. Made it very difficult to track ROI.

Tracking transactions among exchanges and wallets automatically

Since I usually start my trade from an exchange that accept fiat deposit, buy some BTC and move on to some other exchange, I really want to know which transaction is going to which exchange. You could do that manually of course. But since I work at a transaction analysis company, wouldn’t it be great if the system is smart enough to figure that out? :)

Other things I am not so happy with

  • Duplicated transactions. Perhaps can be fixed by simply introducing an external id for each transaction.
  • User experience. Service like CoinTracking requires user to manually click refresh button every time I update transactions. This should happens automatically. Details, just details.
  • Would be great to have both web and mobile services. It’s kinda of hard to add new transactions on a small device.

Other Crypto Portfolio I have tried




  • Great features


  • bad UX
  • expensive for none professional traders
  • No monthly option




  • Great UI
  • Good features


  • Expensive for the features it offers.
  • No web service.

Cyptocompare Portfolio



  • Free
  • Service works in both mobile and desktop browser.


  • Limited features
  • Cannot really track your ROI