Just started a new project called Bring Umbrella. One reason is that I want to polish my Django skills, another reason is that I want to practice lean startup concepts  with a small project.

The Idea

I got the idea when I was caught in the rain without an umbrella. For many times I wish there could be a service to remind me bringing the umbrella before I go out in the morning.

If I ask myself the same questions I posted in Göteborg IT Startup Club group, my answer would be:

  1. Do you use umbrella on a raining day? Yes.
  2. Do you check the weather report before going out/to work? Sometimes.
  3. Do you use your phone to check weather report or reading emails right after getting up in the morning? Yes.

Sometimes it just not enough to look out from the window, especially in a coast city: it can be sunny and rainy on the same day.

The Goal

I would like my service to show up in your daily life as less as possible. Weather has nothing to do with me unless it’s affecting my personal life. I don’t care if it is sunny or gloomy, as long as the temperature doesn’t change dramatically. However, I really would like to know if it is going to rain in the afternoon when I am on my way back home from work.

Another thing is that the weather information should be pushed to users, not pulled by users. One should never check the weather like checking your stock prices.


I have built a MVP for this concept (absolute MVP, you will know when you start to use it) and you can leave a message if you would like to try it.